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At least once a year we try to get away to an interesting location locally and internationally. Our trips are carefully planned to explore the food and wine of the area. We also enjoy the environment and cultural experiences, and of course these factors often impact on the local cuisine. Gourmet tourism fascinates me.

I usually bring my travel taste experiences back home and they often impact on my cooking style.

Blueberry galette, inspired by my visit to the US.

2018-11-15T12:48:17+00:00November 15th, 2018|From the Garden, From the Kitchen, Travel & Adventures, Uncategorized|

Blue berries are native to the US On our recent holiday to the United States we spent some time in Maine, New England and Vermont. Seeing the ‘fall’ (the autumn) has been a bucket list item for some time. The autumn colours were breathtakingly beautiful. It is mainly the maple trees that turn spectacular shades [...]

Italian food markets – come stroll with me

2017-07-17T17:38:50+00:00July 17th, 2017|Travel & Adventures|

Italian food markets – vibey with stunning, mouthwatering produce!   At one stage I considered writing about the French and Italian food markets together, but they differ so, I simply had to separate them. The Italian food markets are loud and vibey compared to the fairly subdued French neighbours! But words cannot take you to [...]