Vitello Tonnato

2021-02-23T13:51:03+02:00February 23rd, 2021|From the Kitchen, Italy|

When you visit Piedmont in Italy virtually every restaurant serves Vitello Tonnato. In summer it is a popular main course dish or it is served as an antipasto course. The view from this charming restaurant on a hill in Piedmont near Barollo I am not enthusiastic about mixing meat and seafood but somehow [...]

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Biscotti with Pecans and Chai Spices

2020-05-18T13:51:54+02:00May 18th, 2020|From the Kitchen, Italy, Wine Experiences & Accessories|

It’s a complete fluke that I took to baking on Sunday 17th May 2020…. World Baking Day! Biscotti, another memory from Italy. These crisp biscuits originated in Tuscany where they are traditionally dipped in a wine, Vin Santo. When we were enjoying a wine pairing at a neighbouring property on our Tuscan Foodie holiday in [...]

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Brinjal Pickle, a great antipasto or salad

2020-03-31T14:03:14+02:00March 31st, 2020|From the Garden, From the Kitchen, Italy, Uncategorized|

At the end of the summer the brinjal crop is always excellent and as they mound up on the kitchen counter it’s time to create some delicious food. Most of my recipes originate in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Today’s recipe hails from Italy. The Italians make the most delicious pickled vegetables that form [...]

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Tiramisu with a twist, perfect celebration dessert!

2019-12-14T12:10:56+02:00December 14th, 2019|From the Kitchen, Italy, Travel & Adventures|

Tiramisu, one of Italy’s favourite desserts! Most of Italy’s traditional recipes date back for centuries, but this iconic dessert is fairly young. In the 1960’s a chef in the Veneto region prepared it and it was an instant hit! In fact, so much so that the name tiramisu translates as ‘pick me up’ or ‘cheer [...]

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A recipe from Tuscany – Gorgonzola Sauce

2019-12-07T13:48:20+02:00December 7th, 2019|From the Kitchen, Italy|

At last we have summer weather in the Cape! This dish was inspired Italy and easily be accommodated in a summer or winter menu.   When we were in Tuscany one of our closest villages was Lecchi. It’s a tiny picturesque village with just one coffee shop and one restaurant, Malborghetto, where we dined during [...]

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A Taste of Tuscany – food, wine & friends!

2019-11-20T15:01:07+02:00November 20th, 2019|Italy, Travel & Adventures, Wine Experiences & Accessories|

We have frequently visited France where we always choose to spend time in a self catering establishment where we can shop at the local markets and cook our own meals. When we planned our Italian adventure this year I was determined to spend as much time as possible in rural Tuscany, doing the same. Many [...]

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Our Italian Adventure – Venice!

2019-10-09T19:35:18+02:00October 9th, 2019|Italy, Travel & Adventures|

Why Italy they asked? You’ve been before! Yes, I have been several times, but I simply had to feel and ‘taste’ the exciting Italian vibe again! Our good friends, who also enjoy food and wine, John and Sue joined us on our 3 week holiday to Venice, Bologna, Tuscany and Rome. Over the next few [...]

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