Friends, family and ex-colleagues have been encouraging me to share my recipes, food and wine, and travel experiences for some time. As I am part of the baby boomer generation, social media communication does not come naturally, but at last I have realized the convenience of this medium of communication.

Only recently I had free time to start following food bloggers and most of them are really inspirational. My favourite being, Drizzle & Dip by Sam Linsell,

Hagen Liebberger, my blog designer and mentor has been so patient and supportive. I’m certain he will hesitate before taking on a 60+ blonde customer again!

In preparing for my blog I have found a renewed energy in my kitchen and garden, and enjoying my wine & travel experiences with more purpose. I’m revisiting our most recent travel photographs and literally reliving the delicious food and other adventures. I’m almost motivated to return to some places to explore more!

Every time I think about food or plan to cook my thoughts go to the blog. Mark is enjoying the new activity in the kitchen, especially when time comes to savour the results. Sometimes, though, he has to be patient while the photography takes precedence.

As a two year old good food caught my eye!

Food and beautiful gardens are part of my DNA. I wish my late Mom & Dad were here to share the fun. They were always so supportive and proud of everything I did. I often feel their spirit with me when I try out a new recipe or share delicious food at our table.

Please share my blog with your friends and family and most of all please give me feedback on your thoughts.

Thanks to all of you who inspired and motivated me!

Sharing good food and wine with someone you love is perfection

Jean –Andre Charial