My version of Hummingbird Cake, with carrots, banana, pineapple and pecans

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I have always been fascinated by the name Hummingbird Cake. It apparently gets its name from a colourful hummingbird found in the Caribbean and Southern America. The bright yellow of the pineapple and bananas remind one of the bird’s yellow feathers. Not quite the true Hummingbird..... The main ingredients I researched several recipes and as [...]

Limoncello Cheesecake Desserts

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I love these small lemony desserts. They are perfectly light with a hint of richness to provide a satisfactory end to a summer meal. These small desserts are also ideal to serve at large parties or where it is easy for a guest to enjoy a few spoonfuls from an espresso cup or a small [...]

Blueberry galette, inspired by my visit to the US.

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Blue berries are native to the US On our recent holiday to the United States we spent some time in Maine, New England and Vermont. Seeing the ‘fall’ (the autumn) has been a bucket list item for some time. The autumn colours were breathtakingly beautiful. It is mainly the maple trees that turn spectacular shades [...]

Cape Brandy Pudding

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Cape Brandy Pudding or Tipsy Tart? Both names are appropriate. When I was a kid I rather liked the ‘naughty’ idea of eating Tipsy Tart. Needless to say the dash of brandy had no ill effect, other than me now having a liking for a good brandy after dinner! Nobody has a clear answer of [...]

Pan grilled pork fillet to perfection

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Super versatile.... a quick healthy mid-week meal or a stunning meal to serve to special guests! I am very partial to pork fillet. I find one fillet serves 2 or 3 generous servings and the bonus is that there is no fat so it is great for reducing the calories or it carries a rich [...]


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A few months ago I introduced you to traditional Italian Gnudies. (click here) Gnudi (pronounced nudee) is similar to gnocchi where ricotta cheese replaces the potato. They are much lighter ‘dumplings’ and probably originated when someone had left over ravioli filling & decided to roll it into balls and poach them. Sweet potato, a new [...]