I also felt like something lemony for dessert and after the long wet winter and lemon trees bearing profusely, I had made so many baked lemon puds, I needed to do something different. So here are my light lemon cheesecake crepes.

When the weather is miserable and chilly making pancakes or crepes is my ‘therapy’! This crepe recipe has some lemon, cinnamon & ginger flavour. You can use any basic crepe recipe.

This filling is an easy combination of lemon curd (when I have excess lemons I always have a jar of lemon or lime curd in the fridge), cream cheese and lightly whipped cream. A dash of home-made Limoncello intensifies the lemon flavour.

Both the crepes & the filling can be prepared in advance, but the syrup must be warm and it’s best prepared or gently reheated just before serving.


To serve you can opt for just the drizzle of syrup, or use what pleases you. I like using lemon zest, lemon or lime slices, a dusting of sifted icing sugar and edible leaves and flowers. A sprinkling of nuts adds texture and flavour. I used pistachios, but pecans or cashews can be good too.

Prepare these for a family supper or “dress them up” for a celebration menu! The crepe recipe makes about 15-20, depending on your pan size. I always make extra and freeze them, interleaved with plastic, ready for a quick treat.

Here are the recipes:

Lemon crepes

Lemon cheesecake crepe or pancake filling (also delicious as a cake filling!)

Lemon or lime curd

Homemade Limoncello