When the wintery weather came along I had an urge to make a baked apple dessert. I love an apple cake, apple crumble and pie, so this time I created something that covers all those bases without much effort.

This recipe is not going to win a beauty pageant, but it will win the healthy and yummy prize!

It’s so healthy it makes a perfect breakfast served with a dollop of yoghurt!

This recipe uses tinned unsweetened pie apples. It is one of the few tinned fruits that I always have in my pantry. In this case you are always assured of excellent apple flavour and texture.

My other favourite pantry item is a container of broken pecans that I buy from a local supplier in my freezer. Apples and pecans are a perfect match. You can use other nuts such as walnuts, almonds or hazels.

You can use either cake flour or oats or a combination of the two. The oats making gluten free and  ideal for breakfast!

The dark brown treacle (molasses) sugar is not as refined as white sugar retaining some of the vitamins and minerals, bear in mind that that there is no real health benefit here, but it sounds healthier and is less sweet and has a better flavour than the fully refined white sugar. And then plenty of cinnamon and a hint of lemon or orange always compliment apples.

The method is somewhere between that of a crumble and a cake. It literally takes minutes and no skill to prepare.

It’s the perfect recipe to get the kids involved.

Serve it warm with whipped cream, thick creamy yoghurt, rich vanilla ice cream or warm custard.

Recipe: Apple and Pecan Bake