Originating in South America (it is said from the Aztecs) this chilled ‘sauce’ is synonymous with Mexican cuisine.

In Mexico and other South American countries this cold sauce is served as a ‘dip’ with tacos, or used in tacos or served with grilled meat, poultry and fish dishes.

Originally a salsa, Mexican Pico De Gallo, was made from chopped tomatoes, onion, herbs and spices, but over the years any coarsely chopped chilled mixture is a salsa!

In Italy we find the famous Salsa Verde, also a favourite of mine. I will post a blog about that soon!

Perfect for Summer

In summer I always make a mango salsa. I lace it with jalapenos and chilli and sometimes add corn for texture, especially if I want a Mexican flavour. It is delicious on a piece of grilled fish or chicken.

If you need a salad, simply use the same recipe, cut the mango into bigger cubes (15-20mm instead of 10mm) and add cubed cucumber for extra freshness and texture. The addition of cubed avo is also delicious, but mangos and avos are seldom in season at the same time in South Africa.

I use lime juice, for the most authentic flavour, but if you don’t have lime, use lemon juice.

This recipe is also perfect for ceviche. In this case double up the lime/lemon juice and simply add the sliced or cubed fish about an hour before serving. Stir it occasionally to ensure that all the fish is coated with lime/lemon.

Ceviche is a traditional Mexican dish where raw fish is marinated in lime juice. The acid of the juice ‘cooks’ the fish. The texture and appearance of the fish is ‘cooked’ rather than raw. It’s a super healthy way of eating.

Don’t let summer pass without enjoying Mango Salsa. !