At last we have summer weather in the Cape!

This dish was inspired Italy and easily be accommodated in a summer or winter menu.


When we were in Tuscany one of our closest villages was Lecchi.

It’s a tiny picturesque village with just one coffee shop and one restaurant, Malborghetto, where we dined during our Tuscan visit. The food was very traditional & delicious.

Christine chose chicken breast with Gorgonzola sauce.

It was a simple dish. A beautifully roasted chicken breast with golden skin and a rich, creamy Gorgonzola sauce. No smears, spheres, splashes, foams, dots or gels …. just good basic cooking with delicious flavours and textures!  It was not a spectacular looking dish so I sadly don’t even have a photo of the original dish. I do however have the flavour imprinted in my memory!

A small, intimate traditional Tuscan restaurant!

As we cannot buy beautiful plump chicken breasts on the bone, I have varied it by using deboned, fillets which I briefly marinated and pan grilled.

It was the creamy Gorgonzola sauce that made this dish. For the sauce I needed to retain the full flavour and richness of the cheese, so all I did was to melt the cheese with cream. An option is to add a squeeze of lemon and a twist of black pepper to adjust the seasoning.

I try to avoid the carbs, so on a warm evening I served the chicken with a salad of lettuce and avo. It was almost reminiscent of a Caesar.

The chicken came straight from the grill pan and the sauce, cooled down to room temperature served both as a salad dressing and sauce.  Next time I make it I will use half the amount of cream and add some creamy, thick yogurt to the sauce.

A delicious light dish packed with flavour, ideal for a summer lunch or supper.

It would also be delicious served with grilled pork chops, with grilled steak or as a sauce for roast chicken. Also delicious as a pasta sauce!

Gorgonzola Sauce recipe.