Cape Brandy Pudding

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Cape Brandy Pudding or Tipsy Tart? Both names are appropriate. When I was a kid I rather liked the ‘naughty’ idea of eating Tipsy Tart. Needless to say the dash of brandy had no ill effect, other than me now having a liking for a good brandy after dinner! Nobody has a clear answer of [...]

Italian Lemon Cream Chicken

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When we visit our local Italian restaurant one of my favourite dishes is veal al limone. In South Africa we seldom find good veal so I often make this dish using pork or chicken. The same recipe applies to all three, the watch point being not to overcook the meat. The meat is really the [...]

Oatmeal meat pie crust

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I have never been in favour of heavy pastry pie crusts but this one is my favourite as it ticks so many boxes! Nostalgia My Mother always used this recipe on her Springbok and Lamb pies. Every time I make it, it evokes all those delicious flavours and memories. I make it several times in [...]

Pan grilled pork fillet to perfection

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Super versatile.... a quick healthy mid-week meal or a stunning meal to serve to special guests! I am very partial to pork fillet. I find one fillet serves 2 or 3 generous servings and the bonus is that there is no fat so it is great for reducing the calories or it carries a rich [...]

Tart Tatin ….. manadarin or apple!

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An upside down tart when you make it, and the turned out result is always sublime. French origin You have probably heard about the origin, but here is a brief synopsis:  the sisters Tatin owned a Hotel Tatin in a village about 100kms south of Paris. One of the sisters overcooked the apples for the [...]

Orange Marmalade Cake

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You cannot let the citrus season pass with make this cake! For ages I have wanted to bake Jamie Oliver’s Marmalade cake and with so much citrus around and having just made a huge batch of marmalade I simply had to do it! Marmalade recipe Reading JAN’s Journal he gives a recipe for a steamed [...]