Winter calls for decadent warm desserts.

This time I combined ginger, tamarind and dark brown sugar to create a delicious warm pudding and it is finished off with a whiskey cream!

WARNING: If you are frantically counting the calories you need to close this file now!

Ginger is one of my favourite flavours to use in both sweet and savoury dishes. This recipe calls for stem ginger preserved in syrup and ground ginger. An unusual additive is tamarind paste. The tamarind adds an exotic citrus note that complements the sweet dates, treacle or syrup and sugar.

The ginger and tamarind also make it a suitable winter dessert to on an Asian menu.

You can use a larger baking dish ( about 1 litre capacity) for the whole mixture, but for baked puddings I like using individual ramekins or moulds making the serving more elegant.

The greater surface area also allows the smaller pudding to absorb more of the sauce!

If you are making these puddings in advance they can be reheated in the whiskey sauce, making them even more decadent.



The whiskey sauce is divine served with ice cream or other hot puddings. If youo don’t want to use whiskey by all means replace it with brandy.

For those who don’t have a sweet tooth you may want to serve some plain whipped cream or creamy yoghurt on the side to neutralise the sweetness.


If had a restaurant this would most definitely be an item on my winter menu.

The puddings can very easily be prepared in bigger batches.

They freeze very successfully and the sauce keeps well

refrigerated until required, so ideal for mass catering or a la carte requirements.

Recipe: Sticky Ginger Puddings