It dawned on me that the reason why I love carrot cake is actually about the cream cheese frosting and filling!

In this rolled cake the proportion of frosting to cake is generous! A little surprise can be added to the filling in the form of tart apricot jam or chilli jam. Try my tomato chilli jam recipe here

The mixture is packed with carrots, spices and nuts, but has much less oil and sugar than the conventional carrot cake recipe.

The cake is a very light sponge and is not as dense, sweet or rich as the usual carrot cake.

The main watch point is to work very lightly when mixing the ingredients into the egg mousse.

If you have not made a rolled cake before it could be a little tricky, so follow the instructions & photographs carefully. Once you have mastered it is very easy.


The filling is ideally made a few hours or a day ahead so that it can firm up before you spread it on the cake.

Enjoy this cake as a dessert or tea-time treat.

Recipe: Carrot Cake Roll