When you need a celebration cake, either for dessert or with coffee, this decadent torte does the trick!

This is the ideal treat for Mother’s Day! It is easy to make, just decorate it with a sprinkling of grated chocolate and 3 perfect rosebuds!

A healthy cake….. yes this may be the closest you’ll get !

Most of our friends are avoiding excess carbs and gluten….. well, this delicious moist Chocolate and Nut Torte does not fill the brief 100%, but if you serve the larger version to 18 people each one will only be burdened with less that 8 grams of sugar! What I love about this recipe is that is also gluten free and all that dark chocolate, packed with antioxidants, must make it healthy. There are plenty of eggs and nuts adding excellent protein, so those who opt for healthier options can tuck in. If inclined to the sweeter things in life, you can survive on this one!

What makes it a torte and not a tart? There is no pastry case, and as it is a flat cake, and more tart-like in shape, it’s a torte!

But then is that not a cake? Another definition of a torte is that it is a multi-layered cake, either layers of cake, crepes (pancakes) or even meringue layers. These are normally covered in a smooth glaze. Famous Tortes are Sacher (Austria) and Dobos (Hungarian).

Tortes are frequently made without wheat flour, making them gluten-free and giving them a denser texture than a cake. But if you need to avoid gluten, always check the recipe as some do contain flour!

Confused? Anyway, I like Torte as it just sounds more ‘special’ than cake or tart!

I have provided a larger option for this recipe, in addition to the usual ‘family size’, as it is ideal for a party.

The nuts and optional additions of fruit make it an excellent substitute for Christmas cake or pudding, but I will give you additional variations and remind you of that closer to the time.


Recipe: Chocolate Nut Torte