As this is my favourite party cake or dessert, I often make it in a larger 30cm pan, so I have given you an option in pan size. If you do not have a 30cm pan, use 2 X 20cm pans, the torte will be slightly thinner in 20cm pans, so give it 5 minutes less baking time.

20-25 /30cm

Oven: 190°C

Baking time approximately 1 hour

You need

150 g      200g                    macadamia nuts or blanched & peeled almonds (unsalted)

150 g      200g                    walnuts or pecans

300 g      400g                   good quality dark chocolate

10ml      15ml                     cocoa powder

255 g      340g                    butter, at room temperature

100 g      130g                    castor sugar

5ml         7ml                      vanilla extract

6              8                          large eggs, separated

3ml         4ml                      salt

Optional extras:

100g / 120g extra nuts, coarsely chopped (I like chunks of walnuts or pecans)

100g / 120g dried cranberries, golden sultanas and/or glace cherries or mixed glace citrus peel cut into quarters, soaked for at least 5 hours in 20ml brandy, citrus flavoured liqueur or rooibos tea


  • Preheat oven to 190°C
  • Line the bottom of a cake tin with baking paper before buttering the bottom and sides, then dusting with flour. If you have a loose bottomed tin, use it!
  • Place the nuts into a food processor and whizz up until finely ground, do not over mix as you may get a nut butter!
  • Add the chocolate and cocoa, and whizz for 30 seconds to break up the chocolate
  • Put to one side in a separate bowl
  • Using a food mixer, cream butter and sugar until pale and fluffy, ensuring that the sugar has dissolved.
  • Add the vanilla and egg yolks one at a time, beating thoroughly between each addition. This step is important; the mixture should resemble thick mayonnaise. As there is no flour you cannot over beat the mixture!

  •  Add the chocolate, nuts, soaked fruit and chopped nuts
  • In another clean, dry bowl beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt, until they form soft peaks
  • Gently fold the egg whites into the batter, about a third at a time. The first third will ‘loosen’ the mixture, making the next two easier.
  • Pour all the mixture into the tin, gently smooth the surface
  • Bake in the preheated oven for around an hour
  • To test if the torte is cooked, insert a cocktail stick or the tip of a knife for five seconds. When removed, it should be reasonably clean
  • Allow cake to rest in the pan for about 15 minutes
  • Remove from the pan, serve slightly warm or at room temperature
  • Decorate the top of the cake with food safe glitter, grated chocolate or any decoration befitting the occasion. As this is such a healthy cake I certainly would not spoil it by adding a sugar-based frosting!
  • Serve with whipped cream or a spoonful of thick full cream yoghurt
  • This cake keeps for up to 8 days if wrapped in plastic