To fill 6-8 large pancakes or crepes you need:

150ml smooth cream cheese

150ml lemon curd

20ml Limoncello liqueur (optional)

150ml cream whipped to soft peaks

Syrup for serving: 50ml castor sugar; 15ml lemon juice or Limoncello ; 10ml butter

Icing sugar for serving

Optional: thin slices of lemon or curls of lemon zest, edible flowers or mint leaves; chopped nuts

To prepare

Beat the cream cheese, lemon curd and Limoncello together

Lightly fold in the whipped cream

Spread a generous serving onto room temperature crepes

Fold the crepes into quarters

Just before serving, place the castor sugar in a small non-stick pan, heat it gradually to dissolve the sugar. As it starts turning golden (this happens very quickly) remove the pan from the heat and add the lemon juice or Limoncello and the butter. Stir rapidly and drizzle about 5ml over each crepe.

Dust with icing sugar, and decorate with lemon slices and edible flowers or leaves. I used Tansy leaves and lime blossoms.