Before the winter ends I have to prepare my annual cheese soufflé treat! These soufflés are so packed with flavour and are wickedly delicious you need to treat your family and friends to them occasionally.

Soufflés have a stigma of being difficult to make, but these twice baked soufflés make job quite simple. If can make a basic white sauce, separate and whisk eggs it’s a doddle!

If you prefer use only one cheese, but I find using a mixture you achieve a more intense flavour. If you are going for a single cheese choose a well flavoured cheese, such mature cheddar.

In my recipe I use approximately 50% gruyere or mature white cheddar, 30% creamy blue cheese and 20% Parmesan.

You will also notice that I do not use nutmeg or bayleaf, two ingredients commonly used in classic cheese soufflés. It’s just because I am not keen on those flavours. And for once I have not added chilli, if you want a zip to the flavour by all means add some. Traditionally the flavouring ingredients are added to the warmed milk to infuse and are then sieved out, but I leave the onion in.

One flavour component you will seldom find in cheese sauce or soufflé recipes is a good squeeze of lemon juice. This I learnt from my Mother who was a master at flavouring. You don’t taste the lemon, but it accentuates the cheese flavours.

Ring the changes by adding sweetcorn, well drained blanched spinach or finely chopped ham, bacon or chorizo.

This recipe is great for a party as you can prepare it well in advance and even freeze it successfully.

I used small ramekins to make 8 starter portions, but you can use slightly bigger dishes, making it suitable for a lunch or light supper main course.

Recipe: Cheese Soufflé: three cheeses & twice baked