As soon as the cold weather sets in my warm soup ‘brain’ comes out of hibernation.  In summer we usually have a salad or a chilled soup like gazpacho at midday and in winter I try to have a hearty nutritious soup on offer.  The pressure cooker also comes out of hibernation and finds its winter home back on the kitchen counter instead of being tucked away in the pantry. There is usually a basic minestrone-style beef and vegetable soup (Mark’s favourite) brewing, but I try to vary the offering as much as possible.

As I prepare my favourite winter soups I will share the recipes with you! I hope that I motivate you to serve delicious and exciting soups this winter!

Last week I made my easy butternut soup. I think it was the first soup that I made when I left home and I still enjoy it. The orange juice provides freshness and warmth comes from the mild spicy and ginger flavours. I add more Middle Eastern warmth by topping it with a blob of thick, creamy yoghurt and a sprinkling of dukkah.  This soup is delicious as a light meal, but also a perfect starter for an Asian or Middle Eastern inspired meal, when I sneak on a few pomegranate jewels on top! In summer I add more ginger and orange juice and serve it chilled as a starter.

Butternut Soup recipe

Dukkah recipe

This Week I made roast chicken for dinner, with the specific objective of using the left-over carcass and meat in my Green Vegetable and Chicken soup. The delicate flavours of roast chicken and lemon are what make this soup delicious.  I love the texture of the crunchy corn and peas. You can also omit the chicken altogether and just serve it as a yummy green soup!

Green Vegetable and Chicken Soup recipe