For 2-4 servings you need

2-3 tomatoes, I like to use the oval Roma tomatoes that are fleshier

1-2 cloves garlic, finely chopped or crushed

About 80ml chopped fresh herbs: I like using parsley, dill or fennel, basil and/or coriander

Zest from one small lemon

125ml good quality olive oil

25ml lemon juice

Optional: capers or caper berries; pitted black or green olives

To prepare

If you prefer, you can peel and seed the tomatoes, but I find this unnecessary

Mix the remaining ingredients together

Allow to stand at room temperature for at least one to two hours before using

Serve at room temperature as a sauce for grilled fish, chicken or steak

It is also an excellent pasta sauce: simply toss it with freshly cooked, hot pasta and add lashings of grated parmesan cheese