We all try to enjoy lighter meals so the traditional cheese course at the end of a meal, most people find too heavy, so I often to combine the cheese and dessert course.

The trend is also to bring a savoury element into desserts!

Serve this either with preserved figs, fresh figs or any other fresh or poached fruit. Don’t forget to add a crisp element such as home made crackers, a crumble or ‘sand’ or nuts or a nut praline (recipe below).

Serves 6 small portions

You need

100g creamy blue cheese

150g full cream yoghurt or creme fraiche (cultured sour cream)

Optional: 10-20ml rich dessert wine such as Noble Late Harvest or port (port will give a pink colour)

Optional: 50ml chopped walnuts or pecans

Nut praline for 6: melt 150ml sugar in a clean dry pan, heat until it is golden caramel and add 50ml chopped nuts, pour the hot sugar onto a silicone mat, greased foil or baking paper. Allow it to cool and set, break into shards or finer chunks. Sprinkle it on the cheese mousse.


Place the cheese, cream or yoghurt and wine in a blender and blend very well until it is smooth and creamy

Fold in the nuts

Place mixture in small individual moulds or spoon mixture onto plastic wrap and roll it to form a sausage shape, approximately 3cm in diameter.

Place in freezer, once solid, remove from moulds or slice ‘sausage’ into 1cm thick discs and arrange on the plate.