I’m sure you have also looked at the delicious saucy remains of pickled fish and thought, ‘I can’t possibly throw this out!’ Pickled fish recipe here!

You cannot throw this luscious spicy sauce out!

My mind immediately wondered to my Mom’s curried eggs, and then it ventured a notch further, to my Dutch friend’s satay eggs, and a new recipe was born!

The quantity I made was for 6 eggs, but depending on how much sauce you have it is easy to increase the volumes.

Curried eggs are merely hard boiled eggs napped with a curry sauce.

They can be served as a starter, a snack meal or as a vegetarian main meal. I have also seen curried eggs served as a salad, where the curry sauce is ‘stretched’ with the addition of mayonnaise and/or yoghurt.

If served as a meal curried are usually accompanied by boiled white rice. There is no harm using healthier brown rice or other grains such as lentils or quinoa.

I added unsweetened peanut butter (unsweetened because I contend that the pickled fish recipe has sufficient sugar, but if you only have the sweetened version, go for it!) and coconut milk or coconut cream to bring an Indonesian satay style twist.




To add extra texture finish the recipe with chopped peanuts. If you don’t like peanuts simply use another nut butter and the matching chopped nut or you can merely omit the nut butter and simply create a creamy curry sauce!




If you don’t have left over pickled fish sauce I have given you the option in this recipe to make them from scratch!

Recipe: Curried Eggs