My beautiful vegetable garden has been neglected this year as there is simply no water.

I have not bought a single plant other than a couple of basil plants that are in pots on the cooler patio. The grey water from bowls in the sink is dedicated to keeping my lime, bay and pomegranate trees and the granadilla vine alive.

A small amount of washing machine water allowed wild rocket and tomato seeds to germinate. I had my doubts whether I would see a tomato, but despite the plants being in shocking condition they have produced abundant fruit. A couple of searing hot days resulted in bunches of cherry tomatoes ripening simultaneously. After the housekeeper and gardener took their pickings home we still had a colander full.

My friend Jane Gravelius introduced me to tomato chilli jam when we visited them in France, so I hauled a few red chillies out of the freezer* and made jam.

*Whole chillies freeze very well. Place them whole in a zip lock bag or plastic container to use whenever you need them! I do the same with sticks of lemongrass and curry leaves.

The jam is delicious served with cheese or simply as a jam that has a little ‘attitude’!

Recipe: Tomato Chilli Jam