Traditional Sweet Mustard for Gammon or Tongue

This is a traditional South African Recipe. The Afrikaans speaking families in particular enjoy this sweet mustard, but I am not sure of its exact provenance.

There are two basic recipes. The one is more sweet-sour and has an egg base and is used on its own or as part of a dish such as the traditional onion salad. I used this as a basis for a light potato salad.

Recipe: Potato Salad with Sweet Sour Mustard Dressing

The other recipe uses sweetened condensed milk and is uncooked mustard. The high sugar and vinegar (acid) content give it a good ambient shelf-life.

At least once a year I make the sweet, condensed milk-based mustard as I love it with Christmas gammon or ham and it also is delicious, with added lemon juice or wine vinegar as a salad dressing. Try it on green beans, a Caesar or coleslaw salad.

It is so easy to prepare, you can give it to the kids to prepare. I like making an extra batch and filling ceramic or glass jars as gifts over the Festive Season.

Recipe: Sweet Mustard