I hope that I am inspiring you with my soups this winter. Just as I avoid repeating the same salad in summer, I try to bring as much variety into our winter soups.

I had a variety of yellow veggies in the kitchen so I put together this golden vegetable soup. I simply love the silky texture that sweet potato imparts. Apple is added just to brighten the flavour. All the vegetable quantities are approximate, so mix and match to suit what you prefer and what is available at the time. Just try to keep the ratio of liquid to solids the same.

As usual, I have added a hint spice to my soup, but if you are not as addicted as I am, you can easily omit these and rather concentrate on bringing the fruity flavours to the fore, by adding some orange juice and zest.

I use very little or no salt. I feel so strongly that people over salt food. The ‘health police’ are trying to get us to reduce salt and I am totally in favour of this. By adding well flavoured stocks, herbs and spices, you can often omit the salt completely or allow each guest to season to taste.

In this soup I have given you the option of using whole cumin seed. I find that the seeds plump up in the soup and for some reason by-pass the blender blades. I just love the sensation and explosion of flavour when you bite on a seed. If you don’t like this simply use ground cumin.

The coconut cream add and exotic depth of flavour and creaminess. If you prefer just use milk or yoghurt.

Play around with garnishes. Add dukkah or crisp bacon or a few slices of grilled Chorizo for a meaty addition!

Recipe: Golden Vegetable Soup with a hint of spice

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