You need

100ml canola oil

1 large white onion

5ml ground turmeric

5ml cumin seed or 10ml ground cumin

1ml coriander seeds (optional)

1 fresh chilli or 5ml chilli flakes

3-4cm fresh ginger sliced

400 ml cubed sweet potato, use half yellow, half orange if available

300ml cubed butternut

1 green apple, peeled. Cored & cubed

2-3 carrots, sliced

1,5 litres vegetable or chicken stock, or a mixture of these

400ml coconut cream or full cream yoghurt

Optional to serve:

1 green apple, cored, cut into 5mm cubes

A few teaspoons of thick yoghurt

Fresh coriander or flat leaf parsley

half a teaspoon of Dukkah

Dukkah recipe


Heat oil and sauté the onion until it begins to soften, add the spices and sauté for a minute or two

Add the remaining ingredients except the coconut cream or yoghurt.

Simmer until the vegetables are soft. If too much liquid has reduced, add more water.

Add the coconut cream or yoghurt.

Blend the soup until it is creamy.

Taste and add salt if necessary. I usually find the flavours are perfect and no salt is required.

Serve as is, maybe add a swirl of yoghurt, but if you would like some texture, add a sprinkling offers apple and coriander or parsley leaf.