My version of Traditional Socca

You need

250ml chickpea flour

300ml water

5ml salt

3ml ground cumin

3ml ground black pepper

2 tablespoons olive oil

Extra olive oil to grease pan

Optional: freshly-ground black pepper plus additional sea salt and olive oil for serving



Mix together the flour, water, salt, cumin, pepper and olive oil.

Allow the batter to rest at least 2 hours, at room temperature.

Heat a crepe pan and add a few drops (assuming it is a non-stick pan!) of olive oil.

Pour enough (just less than 50ml) batter into the pan to cover the bottom, swirl it around.

Allow to cook until the socca is firm and beginning to blister. The exact time will depend on your stove. Check the underside, it should be golden brown.

Using a wide lifter, turn the socca and cook until the underside also browns. If the edges become slightly crisp it will be great.

Cook the remaining socca batter the same way, adding a touch more oil to the pan between each one.

Slide the socca out of the pan onto a cutting board, slice into pieces, eat as is or shower it with coarse salt, pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil.

Enjoy as a light snack or serve as a snack meal …….. I’m thinking poached egg or a green salad with goat milk cheese & nuts… …. or both!  It will also be a lovely alongside my slightly spicy butternut or cauliflower soup!