I was first introduced to this divine version of an omelette or scrambled eggs when we visited India some years ago. Our hotel in Mumbai, just two blocks away from the famous Taj Hotel, but not quite as posh, served a traditional Indian breakfast. I think I was offered this on the first morning, and was immediately hooked, so much so that we seldom have the Western version at home!

For breakfast we have it on its own or with a few pan grilled cherry tomatoes, but for brunch or lunch it can be jazzed up with tomatoes and a pita or naan bread. The scrambled eggs will be stunning as a wrap filling.

For the omelette (or scrambled eggs) use

2 large or extra large eggs per person

Add ½ red chilli (you can use green chilli, but I like the colour of the red)

20ml chopped coriander

A pinch of salt

A grind of black pepper

I  like using a fairly neutral cheese filling so I mix crumbled feta and grated mozzarella or white cheddar

Simply whisk the eggs with the flavouring ingredients and prepare the omelette as you usually do. I use a non-stick omelette pan, but always grease the pan with a small amount of butter for flavour and that golden colour.