You need

1 litre lime juice

Approximately 12cm ginger root

250ml sugar (you can double this if you prefer a sweeter drink)

10ml tartaric acid



To prepare

Wash the ginger root (no need to peel it) and slice into 5mm thick slices

Place all the ingredients in a saucepan

Stir to dissolve the sugar

Bring to the boil

Turn the heat off and leave the mixture, covered, to infuse at room temperature for at least 12 hours, preferably close to 24 hours

Strain and bottle

I find that this keeps well at room temperature

Serve by diluting 1 part cordial with 5 parts still or sparkling water and with plenty of ice.

For a warm drink, add water that has just boiled. Sweeten with honey if desired.

For a quick Margarita pour 50ml cordial into a cocktail shaker, a blender or smoothie maker (blender or smoothie maker will give a granite-like texture

Add 250ml ice cubes

20-30ml good quality Tequila

Shake or blend, pour into a cocktail glass where you have whipped the edge of the glass with lime and dipped it in salt (optional)

Serve with a lime wedge