Serves 8-10

You need

500ml (loosely packed) shredded red cabbage

500ml (loosely packed) shredded green cabbage

4-6 carrots, coarsely grated or preferably cut into matchstick slices


100ml golden sultanas or dried cranberries

250ml sultana grapes

100ml unsalted, roasted cashews, slivered almonds or shelled peanuts

150ml chopped corriander

25 ml chopped Vietnamese mint (or fresh mint if you do not have Vietnamese)

Extra leaves for garnish


200ml peanut, canola or sunflower seed oil (You can use olive oil, but Asians seldom use it!)

25ml fish sauce

15ml sesame oil

25ml fresh lemon or lime juice

25ml honey (or if you want to cut the carbs add 2 sachets sweetener such as Stevia)

20ml finely grated fresh ginger

2 cloves grated or crushed garlic




Cut and slice all the vegetables, herbs and nuts. Mix them in a large bowl.

Mix all the dressing ingredients, and pour this over the veggies. I find it easiest to lightly mix it with clean hands.

Place in serving dish, garnish and serve well chilled.

Delicious with any grilled or roast meal. We particularly like it with seafood and chicken.

It is delicious served with an Asian style pork belly or on a bun with pulled pork….. that is very Asian!

Try is on a grilled chicken breast burger.