The mellow flavour of a medium sherry is a perfect match with mushrooms

My palate for this combination probably came from my Mom, who often made a chicken and mushroom dish that was laced plenty of sherry!

You can simply use white button mushrooms for this recipe, but I love using a combination of exotic mushrooms. Mushrooms act as ‘sponges’ and they absorb the marinade favour very well.

The other flavour that marries well with mushrooms is thyme.

Before the holiday season it’s good to do some prep up front. Somehow I feel well prepared if I have a few jars of pickles and preserves lined up in my fridge.

These are delicious as part of an anti-pasta or mezze platter. Use them as a topping for bruschetta or add them to salads or any savoury dish. I used them as a component in my pasta dish using Parmesan Cream (Recipe here)

Recipe: Sherry marinated mushrooms