You need

200g fresh mushrooms (I use a selection of ‘exotic mushrooms’ including shitake, enoki, a few portabellini)

100ml medium or dry sherry (or you can use dry white wine)

30ml olive oil

10ml thyme leaves

To prepare the marinated mushrooms

Slice the larger mushrooms into neat 3mm thick slices; remove the enoki from their base to separate them and leave the mushrooms whole

Mix the remaining ingredients and toss the mushrooms in the marinade; cover and refrigerate until 2 hours before serving (the olive oil with thicken in the fridge and it needs to liquefy at room temperature)

Store marinated mushrooms in a glass or plastic container for up to 21 days in the fridge.

Ideal for salads, on bruschetta or add to any savoury dish as an accompaniment or garnish