This is one of those recipes that evolved when I wanted something to cool down a rather spicy Portuguese Chicken Peri Peri and I didn’t feel like the proverbial green salad!

I had bought beautiful young heads of cauliflower and so I simply cut them into wedges and steamed them for a few minutes in the microwave. You can use a conventional steamer, but I place the veggies in a bowl with a splash of water, cover with a lid or plastic wrap and microwave for a few  minutes. In this case I had 2 small cauliflower heads and they were perfectly tender, but still crisp after 3 minutes on full power.

Arrange the cauli on a platter and top it with a dressing.

I have previously used my avo mayonnaise, but this time I made a quick lime and coriander dressing. Recipe: Avo Mayonnaise

The beautiful delicate green dressing had just enough acidity to compliment the cauliflower and reduce the fiery chilli of the peri-peri chicken!

It’s versatile …. ring the changes

This dressing will be divine with baby potatoes or with any seafood. Think grilled salmon or crispy fried fish….. instead of tartar sauce.

In the recipe I added an option of including a small amount of green chilli or jalapeño, which is amazing if you don’t specifically want the dish to have a ‘cooling’ effect!

Recipe: Lime and Coriander dressing