Tuna salad can be such a mundane meal option as it reminds many of us of boring ‘diet food’!

Lock down during Covid19 does make one stretch the imagination when looking into the grocery cupboard and thinking what’s for the next healthy lunch. I also undertook to create a delicious meal every day!

So how did this recipe arise?

I often sneak a jar of pickled herrings into the grocery shop. I really enjoy them….. my Viking heritage showing! Yes I know they aren’t low fat, but they contain all those good omegas.

There is also usually a jar of pickled gherkins in the fridge. They are non-fattening and can jazz up a boring salad or snack.

A pack of shredded cabbage is also a firm standby. It not only has a reasonably long shelf-life, but can be used in a quick stir fry and in various versions of cold slaw and similar salads. I like the bi-colour red/purple and green one. It is said that purple and red fruits and veggies add a few vital anti-oxidants, so there is a feel good element too.

And there is always a stock of tinned tuna in the pantry!

So a delicious tuna salad, with a hint of pickled herring emerged. I had a feeling it would be a hit so luckily I took a few pics while preparing it.

The apple is not essential but it adds crunch and compliments the herring. Cucumber will be a good addition, especially if you want to extend it to more servings.

It’s super healthy

You will notice that I have used low fat or fat free yoghurt and mayo in the recipe. It’s only because I’m on a serious calorie counting mission. If you want a creamier texture, by all means use your favourite full fat/ cream versions.

I have called it my Scandinavian Tuna Salad because the herring and creamy dressing reminds me of the many Scandinavian Style Starter platters my Mom used to serve way back in the 60’s! No she was not Scandinavian, but my Parents had a good Swedish friend Nils who always shared his Scandinavian recipes with us and brought us jars of herring from his travels.

If you do not have any herring or don’t like it, simply omit it….. It will still be a delicious salad!

Recipe: Scandinavian Tuna Salad