From November to March avocados are out of season in South Africa!

There are some available at supermarkets, but you either have to sell some gold shares or take out a loan to treat yourself to them!

I had to laugh and be mildly irritated at all the social media and press comments about avo’s being a scarce commodity ….. yes they were, but come on folks so was citrus and other out of season produce! Pure sensationalism!

At last the avo supply is improving.

I could not wait to try this recipe. I have seen a few versions of Avo Hollandaise, but this is not warm, so I feel it’s more mayo, but it can add the same decadent richness to a dish. As I’m not crazy about eggs I find this an excellent replacement for both Mayonnaise and Hollandaise.

It also serves vegans and vegetarians (replace the yoghurt with a veggie option) and those who are avoiding raw eggs for food safety reasons.

You can add more lemon juice if you want the acidity.

A friend gifted me a bottle of Avocado oil, which was the obvious choice to use here, but a nutty olive oil enhances the avo flavour. If you prefer something milder use as neutral oil such as Canola.

I used the it as a Hollandaise on a Turmeric Poached egg and a Palak base (Indian Spinach sauce)! A couple of strips of crisp Panchetta completed the dish. Delicious for Brunch! Recipe here

Try it on your next Benedict, salads or instead of Hollandaise on Chicken or Fish or steak.

Recipe: Avo Mayo!