A few months ago JAN one of my ‘food heroes’ posted a competition on his blog. The prize was a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I had every intention of entering, but I simply ‘ran out of time’!

The competition was to add a variation / serving suggestion to his basic cheesecake recipe.  Since then I have been craving that decadent cheesecake.

What attracted me to this recipe was Jan’s introductory paragraph….

“The trick to baking a great cheesecake is not about fancy footwork or even sparing no expense with your ingredients. It’s about patience. It took me years to find a method that worked for me, and in the end, all it came down to was slowing down. Don’t try to wrap it all up in one hour; a baked cheesecake should taste like you went to a bit of effort – like you made it with love. I found my cheesecake sweet spot when I reduced the heat of the oven and extended the baking time. No tears, cracks or burns – it was the perfect balance”

An added bonus is that it uses very little flour and sugar. You enjoy the decadence and richness without adding too many carbs!

As I have a few gluten sensitive friends & relatives, I have given gluten free options in this recipe.

I used Jan’s basic recipe but adding a slight citrus slant to it. For the base I used half digestive biscuits and half ginger biscuits and added a little extra powdered ginger and cinnamon.

I added grated orange zest to the filling and then enjoyed adding a glamorous citrus topping.

While preparing this recipe I could see that it was going to be the best cheesecake ever. The mixture was glossy, thick and rich!

And the result is hands down, the best cheesecake recipe ever!

As Jan suggests play around with seasonal toppings.

Jan’s Recipe