Last Christmas I gave you the recipe for the Traditional South African sweet mustard that we enjoy with smoked and cured meats. Traditional Mustard Recipe

I love that mustard but this year thought I would try something different, hence my new creation, Salted Caramel Mustard.

I made it a few days ago and last night I cooked a gammon to try it. I must confess we had an extra slice of gammon simply as an excuse to have more mustard! I am addicted!

I first made it using half quantities, thinking that if it was bad, at least Mark has half a can of condensed milk to make his favourite Vietnamese coffee treat and I could use the caramel in a dessert. No way, today I shall make another batch of mustard!

And it is the easiest recipe. You simply blend the ingredients together either by hand or in the blender.

It is also egg free giving it a long ambient shelf-life, making it a lovely food gift for Christmas.

Last night I also made a green bean salad. When I mixed some of the mustard with the beans on my plate it reminded me of my Mom’s sweet-sour mustard beans. Just add a few teaspoons to blanched green beans for a delicious hot or cold dish.

Enjoy this recipe!

Salted Caramel Mustard