A few months ago I introduced you to traditional Italian Gnudies. (click here)

Gnudi (pronounced nudee) is similar to gnocchi where ricotta cheese replaces the potato. They are much lighter ‘dumplings’ and probably originated when someone had left over ravioli filling & decided to roll it into balls and poach them.

Sweet potato, a new favourite

I found a recipe for Orange Sweet Potato Gnudi in a British Food and Travel magazine and adapted it slightly by adding more seasoning and a hint of lemon. It is important to mash the potato finely. I start off by putting it through a ‘ricer’, which always gives a lump free mash, then I it in a food processor. You can do this by hand if you don’t have all the gadgets and tools!

Starter or veggie main dish or accompaniment

It makes a delicious winter vegetarian lunch or main course. I will also serve it as a starter preceding a light main course or as an accompaniment to grilled meat e.g. pork, chicken or fish.

Lemon thyme

I have masses of lemon thyme in the garden. I love its flavour and the way that it provides freshness. Some people find picking the tiny thyme leaves a problem, but if you hold the top of the stem between two fingers and using the other hand run two fingers down the stem the leaves pop off.

If you don’t have lemon thyme, ordinary thyme will be just as good.

True Italian flavours

With plenty of Parmesan the flavours take to straight to a trattoria in an Italian village with Mamma in front of the steaming pots!

I used Orange Sweet Potato, as recommended in the original recipe. I am sure the cream fleshed sweet potato will also work, but be aware the sweet yellow fleshed (borrie patat) may be too gluey and sticky.

Unfortunately the season for the orange potatoes in very short, so make a note to make these when you see them at the store.

4 Stage preparation ….. do it over 2 days!

Don’t be put off by the 4 stage preparation process. The advantage is that you do most of the prep a day or two ahead of time.

Recipe: Sweet Potato Gnudi with Lemon Thyme