Snow balls…. my name for these pecan nut shortbread biscuits.

The Greeks make similar biscuits called Kourabiedes which are usually crescent shaped. The Greek recipes usually use almonds or pistachio nuts and they are often flavoured with rose water. They are traditionally served at Christmas.

I like the coarsely chopped pecan nuts in this recipe, but you can substitute them with walnuts, almonds or pistachios. By all means add rose water if you would like to.

I am not keen on consuming the traditional Christmas baked fare as I find it too sweet and heavy for our warm climate, but I cannot resist one or two of these ‘snowballs’ as dessert.

In Greece they are often served with Ouzo. I like them after dinner with a glass of chilled Grappa. Those who drink coffee and tea will enjoy them too!

They are very easy to make. In fact it is the type of recipe where you can easily get the kids involved. (Provided they have washed their hands!)

As they are firm and have a reasonable shelf life they can easily be packed as a gift.

Recipe: Snowball Biscuits