Still on the subject of pickles!

I enjoyed fennel pickle in a salad in a restaurant a couple of years ago, so I returned home, researched some recipes and came up with this one, which has become a family favourite.

I make it in summer, and oranges are not in season, but it is worthwhile buying an orange or two and the flavours marry so well. If you do not have orange, it may be omitted!

When using fennel bulb in other dishes, reserve the thinner stalks to quickly make a pickle.

I store the pickle in the fridge and it lasts for up to 12 months.

It has become a firm favourite with gammon and pork dishes. I often sprinkle some fennel pickle over other blander green salads. It is delicious with avocado.

Food Quiz: Did you know that fennel is one of these plants where you can utilize all parts of the plant?

Root or bulb: salads, pickles or braising

Stems, stalks: salads, pickles or braising

Leaves: salads, pesto, dressings, flavouring, garnish

Flowers: garnish, excellent as a cut flower in a vase

Pollen:  flavouring

Seeds: flavouring

Recipe: Fennel Pickle