My husband Mark created a carb free recipe for this creamy fish pie a few months ago. With spring just around the corner and chilly evenings still requiring a hearty meal, I am trying to watch the carbs I decided to make it again. It is so delicious, I just have to share it with you.

Mashed cauliflower replaces the carbohydrate rich mashed potatoes or the bechamel (white) sauce that are usually the basis for a British style fish pie. I sometimes add a few breadcrumbs as the topping, but we have also made it just using grated cheese, eliminating all carbs.

It is light and creamy, and gives the satisfaction of having a guilt-free hearty meal.

For a week-night supper we usually use a firm white fish, but we have also made  dinner party worthy by using salmon, prawns and mussel meat. I recently made tiny individual fish pies in ramekins as a winter starter. Then you need 2 small cubes of salmon, 2 mussels & 2 or 3 prawns per person.

You can add chilli and coriander to spice it up and give it a Thai flavour.

It is such an easy recipe that can be prepared in advance, just reserving the final grilling for just before serving.

Recipe: Low carb fish pie