I always seem to either have fresh, frozen or tinned corn at hand as I think sweetcorn is one of my most versatile ingredients.

When there is snow on our mountains and we are all cocooning to keep warm, soup is the first thing that comes to mind. One of our favourites is cream of sweetcorn. What I love about this soup is that you can serve a coarse hearty version or strain it to serve a delicate cream as a starter.

Personally I prefer using fresh corn for greater depth of flavour, but I assure you, it is just as good using frozen or tinned corn kernels.  (Frozen corn and green peas are the only two veggies I allow in my freezer!)

I usually blend the soup, but there is always some texture that remains, making it a hearty main course soup.

If a smooth velvety consistency is preferred you can strain the soup.  I simply cannot bring myself to discard the lovely cup of ‘fibre’ that remains in the sieve, so I quickly make a batch of corn fritters where I substitute half the corn with the pulp.

I have added a few serving ideas, but my favourite is popcorn seasoned with a hint of chilli!

Sweetcorn fritters are delicious as a breakfast or brunch dish. I love adding bacon or crisp panchetta or omit these for vegetarians. You can also make mini fritters to serve on the side with soup or with a chilli dip at cocktail parties!

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