Mom’s Apple Tart revisited

My mother was a superb cook and an enthusiastic gardener. For a while we lived on a farm where she harvested the most delicious cooking apples from our heirloom trees. The apples were not round but flat and had rather uneven shapes, and quite sour to eat fresh, but the flavour in apple tarts and pies was unforgettable. In the apple season the harvest was cooked and preserved in glass jars that were arranged in neat rows on the pantry shelves together with the peaches, chutneys and jams. She used very little sugar, added a few sticks of cinnamon and a few whole cloves that imparted a mild spiciness.

In later years, when we moved to the city she still cooked fresh apples, but they were never quite the same. I find that the unsweetened, tinned pie apples have a good chunky texture and an excellent flavour.

As the filling contains no sugar, it is good for those who are watching the calories.

This is a delicious dessert or tea time treat.

Mom’s Apple Tart Recipe still forms the basis of mine, but I have added some modern ingredients as an optional extra. Play around with combination e.g. ginger and sultanas or orange and cranberry!

Recipe: Mom’s Apple Tart