My latest cookbook: Bertus Basson Homegrown

Bertus Basson is my favourite South African chef! He simply oozes food enthusiasm whenever we meet him. When I saw Bertus’s cookbook I did not hesitate in adding it to my collection.

We enjoyed our first visit to Overture so much that we booked it for our wedding. We were the second wedding they hosted nearly 10 years ago, back in the day when Bertus was sporting a Mohican hairstyle! Since then we have enjoyed many special meals there. We love the ever evolving menu, the outstanding service, the breathtaking views and the laid back, elegant atmosphere.

We have followed Bertus to his bistro-style restaurant Spice Route near Paarl and more recently to Spek and Bone (our current favourite) in Stellenbosch.

The book is a beautiful read, filled with nostalgia and it reflects Bertus’s family values and his special bond with his beautiful wife Mareli. This quote from the book’s foreword says it all: ‘Mostly, though, this book is about memories’!

His collection of delicious recipes from his home and personal table is refreshing and uncomplicated. He takes Traditional South African Cuisine to a new level without complicating it, in fact, some recipes are surprisingly simple. After enjoying the yummy caramel and peppermint ice cream cone at Spek and Bone, I agonized on how to make something similar at home. I was delighted to see that the very first recipe in the book is Peppermint Crisp Delight, and it has only 5 ingredients, including the sugar cones! The Milk Tart Soufflé will be included in my first wintery dinner menu.

It’s a long way to Christmas, but everyone who enjoys good home cooking, should add this book to their ‘would like’ list immediately, maybe Easter Bunny will oblige! It is the type of book you will take to the fireside with a glass of good red wine.

A copy is available at the various Bertus Basson restaurants. We bought ours from Exclusive Books.