You need

Approximately 2kg forequarter (Shoulder, neck, upper rib, shank) lamb or young goat (kid), cut into large chunks

1 large onion, coarsely chopped

3-4 large cloves garlic, crushed

2 bay leaves

500mml red wine

500ml good quality lamb or beef stock

Place the above in a pressure cooker and cook on high pressure for 30 minutes. Alternatively you can place it in an oven roasting pan, covered with foil and roast it for 2-3 hours, until the meat literally falls from the bone. If roasting, check every 40 minutes that there is sufficient moisture as this is essential to break down the meat fibres)

Allow it to cool and then remove all the bone, sinew and fatty bits.

Roughly shred or ‘pull’ the meat, leaving bite size chunks where possible.

Pour the cooking liquid into a saucepan and allow it to cool in the fridge. This will allow the fat to surface and solidify. Scoop off the fat and discard it. It is essential that you do this, as the terrine is served cold, you do not want a fatty mouthfeel. The cooking liquid will also set into a gel, giving you an idea how firm your terrine will set.

Heat the remaining gel until it melts and then allow it to reduce by at least 25%. This will concentrate the flavours and ensure a good set.

Taste the liquid. It should have a good savoury flavour. If you can taste saltiness, do not add more salt to the recipe later. I freeze the remaining ‘broth’ for gravy or use it as a hearty meat soup base.

For the terrine

Measure the shredded meat in volume and select a suitable loaf-shaped baking tin or mould.

250-300g rindless steaky bacon

Seasoning: salt and pepper

20ml finely chopped herbs e.g. rosemary with lamb, I used fresh lemon thyme

Optional additions:

Approximately 200g dried apricots or pitted prunes, soaked in sherry or black tea (Rooibos or Earl Grey) for a few hours

If you would like a Moroccan or Middle Eastern flavour add

10ml ground cumin

10ml ground coriander seed

10ml pink peppercorns

50g whole blanched almonds or pistachio nuts

I added Lemon Thyme leaves to compliment the apricot. Finely chopped rosemary will be good with lamb

To assemble

Lightly grease the terrine mould

Line the mould with streaky bacon

Warm the shredded meat in the microwave as it may have firmed up. Add the seasoning of choice and a few spoons of the reduced gravy to moisten and ‘bind’ the meat, but not excessively wet it. Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary.

Place half the meat in the mould, If it looks dry drizzle a little more of the stock concentrate into the container. Arrange a layer of apricots or prunes and then add the remaining meat and a little more stock if necessary. If the bacon hangs over the edge, fold it back to cover the meat, but this is not essential.

Bake at 180°C for 30minutes.

Allow the terrine to cool in the fridge.

Unmould it onto a plate or board. Serve slices with pickles, a salsa, a fruit jelly e.g. quince jelly or a cold savoury fruit sauce.

I used apricots and Moroccan flavours, so I made a quick fresh apricot sauce to accompany it.

You need

250ml fresh apricot halves or quarters

100ml sugar

25ml water

3ml cumin

3ml ground coriander

1 fresh red chilli (optional), cut into fine slices

Place the sugar, water and apricots into a pan and heat slowly, allowing the sugar to dissolve and bringing the mixture to a slow simmer. Simmer until the fruit softens and breaks up. Stir to avoid burning and add more water if it looks dry.

Once you have a thin jammy consistency add the seasoning and chilli. Cook for a minute or two to cook the spices.

Serve warm or cold

Alternatively use a good quality apricot or plum jam and add the spices, heat thoroughly.