For 4-6 generous portions you need


About 8 portions chicken (thighs and/or breasts; or a whole chicken portioned)

2ml ground black pepper

200g bacon cubes

20-30ml canola oil (if required)

6-8 small onions or shallots

200g button mushrooms

1 large onion, chopped

3-4 cloves garlic, crushed

30ml chopped parsley (reserve 15ml to finish the dish)

400ml good quality chicken stock

400ml red wine (I like using a full bodied, fruity shiraz, merlot or cab sav)

A few sprigs of fresh thyme

A small sprig rosemary

10ml potato flour

To prepare

If the chicken breasts are large, cut them in half

I always make a slash through the skin of thigh or drumstick portions for better flavour penetration

Sprinkle with black pepper

You will note that I do not use salt in this dish. I find that the bacon imparts enough salt, so rather adjust the seasoning before serving if required

Use a flat pan that will take a single layer of chicken portions. A lid is an advantage, but it can also be covered with foil.

Heat the pan and add the bacon pieces.

If the bacon is fatty, no oil is required, so check and add oil if necessary.

Fry the bacon until cooked and golden and remove from the pan.


Add the onions and toss them in the hot oil until they are golden and set them aside

Add the mushrooms and sauté them until well coloured and also set them aside.

If you need more at any stage add some to the pan

Add the chicken, skin side down and allow it to brown, remove from pan and set it aside

Add the chopped onion and sauté it, add the garlic and 15ml chopped parsley

Add the stock and wine, then layer the chicken, bacon and onions

Add the thyme and rosemary

Cover and allow it to simmer for 30 minutes

Add the mushrooms and simmer for a further 15-20 minutes

If there is a lot of sauce, you can remove the lid at this stage, for the sauce to reduce slightly

If it requires a bit of thickening mix the potato flour with 20ml wine or water & gently stir the paste into the sauce

Taste and add salt if required

Finally add a sprinkling of fresh parsley