There is something wonderfully satisfying about a pan of grilled sausages!

Maybe because it reminds me of casual family suppers.

You can use the same recipe for chicken, pork or duck sausages. I found delicious pork sausages laced with sage which were delicious with the apple and the tart Granny Smith apples.

Know your sausages

Many people don’t know the difference between a ‘banger’ and a ‘sausage’. The pork banger originated in the UK where a certain percentage of breadcrumbs was permitted in the meat mix, producing a slightly denser texture and cheaper sausage. Bangers became a favourite breakfast sausage and ‘bangers and mash’ occurs on virtually every British pub menu.

In South Africa our ‘boerewors’ sausage is strictly regulated regards it’s meat, fat and additive content. Other sausages or ‘wors’, such as braaiwors, or bangers permit a lower meat content and more  additives such as cereal, often making them cheaper options. In South Africa this is also legislated and checked by local health authorities.

Boerewors has a looser, crumbly texture and other sausages will tend to have a closer texture.

The mincing and mixing methods also affect the texture of sausages. Butchers or producers who are quality orientated will obviously take more care, producing a nicer product.

In summary, in South Africa:

Boerewors has a minimum meat content of 75%, with no more than 30% fat. The meat in boerewors may be plain beef, pork or any other meat or a blend of various meats. These will always be indicated on the label. No offal, skin e.g. chicken skin, is permitted.

Other sausages, including bangers have a minimum meat content of 60%, with no more than 30% fat. No offal, skin e.g. chicken skin, is permitted.

Many people find it difficult to cook sausages in a pan without the sausages either bursting, splashing the kitchen with oil or burning them.

There is a trick that ensures lovely succulent sausages that are delicately golden brown. Start by cooking the sausages in water, then as the water evaporates you add a splash of oil and either Worchester Sauce (my favourite) or soy sauce.

I love onions with sausages and in this case the apple is a delicious compliment. Just for fun I experimented by adding grapes and cranberries as an interesting variation. Both were fantastic.

With grapes

And then you need a helping of creamy mashed potatoes to round it off! If you are dodging the carbs opt for cauliflower mash.

Recipe: Sausages with Onions, Sage and Fruit