A Frittata is a versatile Italian egg dish that I define as a cross between an omelette and a crust-less quiche.

What appeals most is that it is very easy to prepare as a breakfast, brunch or lunch dish and that it is so versatile regards what you can add. It can be really basic with cheese and a few herbs or be ‘dressed up’ by adding salmon, bacon or even porcini mushrooms!

The traditional recipe is carb free, but I had a small amount of potato flour to my recipe to stabilise it. When you are adding a large proportion of vegetables the frittata could become ‘wet’. This potato starch holds the moisture, resulting in a creamier texture. I cannot live without potato flour and use it in all recipes that call for cornflour, except in baking.

I use milk in my recipe to curb the calories, but it can easily be replaced with cream or a full fat yoghurt which gives extra creaminess. To up the protein content you can also add ricotta or cream cheese. I have given all these options in the detailed recipe.

In this recipe I used a selection of fresh green veggies and herbs making it a perfect meat free meal and ideal as a vegetarian option. I always pre-blanch the spinach, then drain it well, before chopping it up. Other fresh veggies such as broccoli and asparagus are also blanched before adding.  Herbs are finely chopped.

If you add other protein components such as ham, bacon, chicken or fish, it must always be added cooked, cooled and chopped.

With summer outdoor dining it makes a delicious starter or nibble with drinks. In Italy they bake Frittata in rectangular pans and serve squares as cocktail snacks.

Enjoy this basic recipe and experimenting with flavours. Recipe here