On the lighter side

Winter soups can be really hearty and filling. I love the comfort of enjoying a warm soup in the cold weather, but often they are packed with hidden calories.

My Mushroom Miso soup is light and tasty and if you omit the yoghurt or cream it is probably the lightest soup you could prepare if you are trying to cut the calories.

I generally find a soup starter too heavy. This flavour-packed soup is the ideal starter as it is so light. If you add the cream or milk foam, cappuccino style it looks rather glamorous.  If you can use double walled heat resistant glasses, you score higher ‘gourmet points’!

The ingredients

You can produce an excellent mushroom soup by using ordinary brown mushrooms, but I always have a jar of dried Porcini at hand. If you are using dried mushrooms I recommend that you make the soup at least half a day in advance to ensure you get the full flavour developed. For special occasions I use a mixture of exotic fresh mushrooms to add greater flavour depth and interesting textures.

When we travel to Italy I always return with a stash of Porcini stock cubes. These boost any mushroom based dish.

Miso paste is available at Woolies and specialist Asian stores.

To make it ‘dinner party worthy’

serve the soup in double walled cappuccino glasses or in beautiful mugs or vintage cups, topped with lightly whipped cream or milk foam.

Recipe: Mushroom Miso Soup