French inspired, but rustic

When I peer through the windows of French Pastry shop it’s always the range of tarts that catch my eye!

Nothing quite beats the crisp pastry and the beautiful fillings and the precision of each piece. My skills with never be able to replicate that, so I usually opt for the more rustic approach! The title of this recipe should read: Rustic Pear & Chocolate Tart!

It only uses 4 ingredients and is easy to make.

I also never make my own puff or flaky pastry. Who does these days?

What fascinates me that most French pastries are quite simple when it comes to composition and ingredients. There is one rule: SEASONAL ingredients are always used, so when strawberries are in, everyone makes exquisite strawberry pastries. When the strawberry season is over they move on to the next fruit in season.

Seasonal pears!

At this time of the year I enjoy pears, so when I had to make a dessert last week I grabbed a handful out of the fruit bowl. My favourite combinations are pears poached in wine, pears with blue cheese and pears and chocolate! This time pears and chocolate won!

I have had this recipe in mind for a while (certainly not my original idea, probably from a magazine or TV show), so I took the frozen puff pastry out to defrost (I always have a pack or two in the freezer!) and reached for the jar of chocolate hazelnut chocolate spread in the pantry. Not having kids in the house I don’t usually have this in stock but tucked a jar into the grocery shop basket as soon as the winter chills started, in anticipation!

You can use tinned pears, but as I mentioned above I had fresh pears. They are simply halved and cored, not peeled and placed in a microwaveable bowl, face down in fruity white wine. I used Chenin Blanc, but Chardonnay will also do. After a few minutes in the microwave you are assured that they will be juicy and will not brown. If using tinned pears, omit this step.

The pastry is smeared with a generous layer of chocolate spread, the pears are arranged on top and it is baked! Serve on its own or with a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of cream.

A dusting of icing sugar or a few chopped toasted hazelnuts will elevate the tart to dinner party status!

Violá a 4 ingredient French Style Tart!

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