This is one of my favourite winter desserts.

For years I have been looking at these filo apple roses and pondered whether they are worthwhile making. They certainly tick all the boxes on appearance, lightness and texture. They are so light they are also good for summer, provided you can find lovely fresh pink or red apples.

I didn’t mention flavour above, as they can be pretty bland and uninteresting. It is the filling that carries the flavour, so make sure it delivers!

Some recipes have custard fillings and I once saw a pistachio marzipan filling that looked fab, but unfortunately will crash the household budget!

I like making an apple filling, creating a small apple pie. Bearing in mind that the filling must ‘roll’ it must be fairly smooth. Taste it and make sure that it is good. Add more lemon, nuts or spices e.g. cinnamon if you like. It is not a ‘pretty filling’, but it is hidden under the glamorous petals!

When I see pink lady apples in the supermarket I am always tempted to make these filo roses. You can use other red apples successfully, but the peel of the green sometimes becomes brown and the result is not as attractive.

They look difficult to make, but once you have done the initial prep and have the filling ready it is easy. It’s best to follow the photos as the explanation is quite tedious!

If you struggle to find a light and visually attractive warm pudding for winter and these are ideal.

Recipe: Filo Apple Roses

For those not too confident with handling filo (also spelt Phyllo) pastry there is a HOW TO section here!  Phyllo pastry 

Credits: I took some of the photos at my friend Carol Downes’s