Shallots …..

At last we are able to buy packs of shallots more frequently in South Africa! I love the delicate sweetness of shallots versus onions and understand why most French recipes favour them.

We all love a mushroom sauce, but this recipe simply elevates a simple sauce to another level with the addition of shallots and a good splash of sherry.

I love the musky flavour of sherry in this sauce and find that it compliments most meats, but if you wish add port, white or red wine.

The stock adds sufficient savoury notes that you don’t need additional herbs, spices or salt. Depending on the quality of the stock and the amount it reduced by you may want to adjust the seasoning by adding salt and ground black pepper. I personally prefer to let my guests add salt and pepper to taste.

This sauce is good with grilled meats when you don’t have pan juices to make a sauce or gravy.

Recipe: Shallot, Mushroom & Sherry Sauce