It’s a French number …..

When visiting Nice and the surrounding area in Southern France you will most definitely taste a slice of Pissaladiere as it is a real traditional staple in that area. In most places when you order a glass of wine or when you sit down in a restaurant you will get a small slice of this pizza-like tart, topped it beautifully caramelised onions, anchovy and black olives.

When strolling through the narrow alleys of Nice’s ‘old city’ you can buy ‘slabs’ of Pissaladiere to snack on or take home.

The dough is traditionally yeast bread dough and is usually slightly thicker than a pizza but thinner than a focaccia. I have seen and made versions using puff pastry, which is also delicious, but in France you will seldom find this version.

I like serving this bread at a braai. It sort of ticks both the bread and a vegetable in one!

It is also delicious served when you have a few friends popping in for drinks and snacks.

Serve it as and when you like, it will always be popular!

When I make it I always prepare double or sometimes more onion marmalade. I have a jar or two at hand for serving with cheese, boosting a sandwich or canapé topping.

The bread base is simple to prepare, especially if you use a food processor.

The herb and garlic content varies. Traditionally thyme is added. I always have abundant thyme in the garden as it is one of my favourite herbs.

In this recipe I add crushed garlic to the dough. It elevates the base flavour and I rather enjoy the subtle garlic result.

The anchovies must be the salted variety. I find cutting them in half lengthwise is not only more economical, but the flavours are less dominant.

Always use pitted olives and try to buy the black Niçoise variety, simply because the colour looks good.

Most kids don’t enjoy anchovies, so bearing this in mind cater for them by making a portion of the tart anchovy free. All kids enjoy mozzarella so just sprinkle some on!

Recipe: Pissaladiere